Without wanting to blow our own trumpet, we're the world's first and leading Protein Ice Cream. All of our products are made using Whey Protein Isolate, the finest most high quality protein out there. And we don't stop there. Our ice cream is all natural, without sugar, low in fat and carbs and gluten free. For the Veggies and Diabetics among us, you can eat us too, Wheyhey!

With 22g of Whey Protein in one of our mini pots, Wheyhey is the perfect post workout protein health food.

You don't need to be training for the marathon or a hard core gym goer to enjoy our frozen goodies. If you're watching your weight, on a diet or trying to keep in shape, Wheyhey is a great healthy alternative to your usual ice cream or unhealthy snack.

Whether you're on a muscle building quest, a simple exercise regime or just want a bit more fun in your life, come our Whey, you're guaranteed tasty good times!